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How to choose your lawn?

10.02.2022 18:06

How to choose your lawn?

There are many amateur gardeners who come up against certain disappointments once the lawn is sown, and for good reason. Few of them know that there are many types of lawns specially selected to adapt to an environment or a use.

What is grass?

Lawn is a mixture of grasses chosen for their creeping roots which quickly cover a large area. These plants have the quality of resisting frequent mowing which allows them to gain in vigor and density. There are many varieties of lawns and therefore as many possibilities of adaptation to the environment and to future use. A lawn is not sown at random, the choice of mixture will depend on its intended use.

An ornamental lawn

A very green, dense and fine lawn, as the English know how to do so well, makes it possible to highlight an exceptional building, beds of precious flowers or large majestic trees. This type of grass does not tolerate trampling. The aesthetic criterion is essential and the maintenance will have to be very sustained: watering, fertilization, very regular mowing and the fight against the elements will be on the program. Ornamental turf mixes include bentgrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and creeping fescue.

A lawn dedicated to relaxation

Ideal for picnics and family games, it tolerates trampling and the presence of pets. Easier to maintain and more robust than the ornamental variant, it does however require regular mowing. The mixture is usually composed of ryegrass, fescue and bluegrass.

A flowery lawn

Very natural, the flower lawn is a good way to promote biodiversity in the garden. In summer, it turns into a flower carpet and should therefore not be mowed at this time. It is to be reserved for all those who will accept a very natural appearance, and will only require very limited maintenance. This type of lawn is made up of various varieties of annual, perennial or biennial plants to spread out the blooms.

To make your lawn look impeccable you can use special covers to hide manholes and other stuff. The best option is a fake rock (https://gartendek.de/ - this is how these faux rocks may look like).

A lawn dedicated to sports

This grass supports intense trampling. Vigorous, made up of very resistant varieties, it nevertheless requires regular maintenance. In particular concerning the relining of damaged parts. Fertilization should be sustained. This lawn is made up of ryegrass and bluegrass.

A cover lawn

This can be a spontaneous lawn (various native grasses such as quackgrass, often associated with clover) mowed regularly, or a specific cover mixture of vigorous and easy-care grasses such as rosehip or fescue . This lawn has the advantage of growing in most regions, not being afraid of drought and requiring only limited maintenance. However, its aesthetic aspect will not be its main quality.

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