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Should you put grass in your garden?

14.09.2022 19:13

Should you put grass in your garden?

The grass! If there is one essential element in any garden, it is this one. Unless you live at the gates of the desert, I think it is impossible for you to imagine a garden without a lawn. Close your eyes and think of this green carpet, cut short, very dense on which you want to walk barefoot. An entire program.

Now open your eyes and look at your outer space. Does this description match your lawn well? Despite what many people think, having a great lawn isn't the easiest thing in landscaping. Some people ended up resigning themselves. They are content with a space that looks more like a meadow than a golf green.

Others still want to believe in it and try somehow to maintain it, but it seems to them like an endless chore.
Finally, there are those who save money and who, every 10 years, call on a landscaper to redo their lawn, swearing that this time, they will maintain it sufficiently. Because we have to face the facts, if a beautiful lawn makes us all dream, its maintenance can seem complex and especially time-consuming .

And therein lies the concern. When creating the garden, we do not hesitate to include large areas of lawn, because it is not too expensive to achieve and we think that maintenance comes down to mowing around ten times a year. Then, you realize that mowing, even if it is an essential and recurring task, it is not enough to maintain your pretty carpet over the years. Other interventions are necessary and some require a minimum of knowledge.

By now, you are probably thinking that the answer to the title of this article “should we put grass in our garden? is no. I am not so categorical, far from it! The lawn is important in a garden , both aesthetically where it brings an essential vegetal side, and at the practical level: so that the children can play, to lie down and enjoy the sun, read a good book... I think it 's all a question of proportions and the time you want to devote. So it all depends on you. The motto should be: it is better to have a smaller and better maintained lawn area.

So that you take into account what the maintenance of a beautiful lawn consists of and thus know what surface you want to keep, here is the review of the tasks that must be carried out. Right after, I will explain how to determine which parts of grass to remove and what to replace them with. Let's not forget about hiding unsightly objects in the garden. Gartendek.lt is an online shop where you can buy beautiful artificial rocks.

Before talking to you about maintenance, here are some explanations about the creation. If you opt for a lawn to be sown (by yourself or by a professional), be aware that several months will be necessary before arriving at the final result. Indeed, several mowings will be essential to eliminate the weeds which will have started to grow at the same time as your blades of grass, but also so that the tufts of grass become denser, that we no longer see the ground and that we obtain a soft carpet.

Contrary to popular belief, the lawn veneer (roll) is not providential. When created, it will look beautiful and save you time, you'll immediately look your best, but it will need the same maintenance as any lawn to keep it looking good over the years. So you understand, everything happens at the maintenance level.

Here are the necessary steps :

  • Mowing : it is necessary to mow regularly so as not to cut too much height at a time, which is harmful for the lawn. Do not cut too short either, especially in summer or before winter.
    The collection of grass clippings is necessary to maintain a beautiful lawn. Otherwise, the cut grass dries out, which is not pretty, but it also prevents the lawn from capturing the sun well. For the same reason, don't forget to pick up dead leaves from the trees at the end of the season.
  • Fertilizer : like any plant, the lawn needs nutrients to grow well and as the roots of the lawn are very dense and are concentrated just a few centimeters deep in the ground, the reserves are quickly exhausted. Adding fertilizer at least twice a year is a necessity to keep the lawn looking good.
  • Weeding : I prefer to be frank, you will never get there! There are thousands of seeds present in the ground in addition to those that move with the wind. Weeding is therefore a necessity. If you do it chemically, two procedures a year will probably be sufficient. If you have decided to tackle this problem by hand, I advise you to do it as often as possible, before each mowing for example.
  • Scarification : this is not the best known intervention and yet it has many advantages . You can remove dry blades of grass, some weeds, moss, and loosen the soil with a scarifier . The manual versions are very similar to a rake, but if you have a large area, it is better to turn to electric or gas models. One to two visits per year is a good rhythm.
  • Watering : when creating the lawn, watering is essential if it does not rain enough. Then, I'd rather be in favor of letting the lawn fend for itself, so it will produce deeper roots to fetch water and it will be less sensitive when the soil dries out on the surface. But in the case of a perfect lawn, this principle must be qualified. If you live in a dry region, watering will be essential for its survival anyway. Otherwise, we will intervene if we see that his beautiful lawn is suffering from drought. In any case, keep in mind that it is better to water a lot and infrequently than the reverse. Thus the water penetrates deep into the earth and the roots follow.

As you can see, proper lawn maintenance encompasses four to five different tasks that are necessary for optimal results. Now that you know exactly what good lawn care consists of, you have the choice between devoting more time to it or reducing the grassy area.

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